Company Web Hosting

With the Internet transforming from an information medium to a massive channel for marketing services, selling products and engaging in trade activities, it gets very important for any company to have a first-class website. However this high quality website with superior graphics and useful content is of no value unless it is always available to visitors from across the globe. Frequent downtimes and you are loosing customers for good.

That?s why, for professional hosting matters, your choice should be limited to firms that specialize in company web hosting services. Basically these firms understand the hosting requirements of company websites, either fully expressed or not, and have a culture for excellence.

About Business Web Hosting

Internet has opened doors for many new opportunities in business. Be it a matter of covering the global, national or your local market, Internet has proved to be a very effective communication and sales channel. People all over the world are turning towards Internet directories and search engines looking for companies that can serve their needs.

Owing to this phenomenal growth of Internet business, having a professional website is more than necessary now. But the quest doesn?t end here. You need to have a reliable business web hosting platform where you can upload your website and make it available for visitors that try to access from various locations.

All About Cheap Web Hosting

The term cheap web hosting bears two different perceptions. Often the hosting companies are confused on whether to call their services cheap or not as it may sound to be of low quality by some. Yet the number of searches conducted everyday on Google and other search engines with the keywords ?cheap web hosting? is so massive that companies just can?t ignore this way of getting attention.

Web Hosting – About Sharing a Server

The most economical way of getting your website hosted online is definitely via sharing a server with many other users. However, who can forget the horrible housemates we all encountered at some point in life and sharing a server has similar pros and cons.

The first factor to consider when making a decision of whether to go for a shared server or not is how important the availability of your website is to your business. Problems arising and changes made on other websites may require the server to be re-booted and that in addition to the planned outages.

Understanding SQL Web Hosting

Nice little article that explains a bit about what SQL is and what the benefits are of choosing an SQL host.

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Linux vs. Windows Web Hosting

Great multi page article that goes into the differences between linux and windows web hosting and explores some of the pros and the cons of each.

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Find Your Perfect Host

Here’s a great little profiler from CNET to help you decide on the perfect web host for you.

Still trying to figure out which Web host deserves your site? To help you narrow down your prospects even further, we’ve designed this unscientific but fun interactive personality test. Read the following statements, then pick the answer that most closely corresponds with your thinking.

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Web Hosting 101

This is a great article about some of the basics a person should be looking for in so much as choosing a web host. With some great requirements the web host should have, as well as, web host tips and tricks.

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How Web Hosting and The Internet Work Together

Access to the Internet may seem as easy as clicking the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop, but the underlying technologies and networks that make this access possible for you are hard to explain within the scope of an article.

However, we will still take an attempt to decipher the workings of the Internet for new website owners out there. So that they can make sense of where their own website fits in this colossal World Wide Web.

Tips for Changing Web Hosts

A web server to your website is exactly what a home is to you. And when the time comes to move your website to anew home, either on a different server by the same hosting company or a different machine from a different hosting firm, webmasters are sometimes caught with panic. However, there are tasks you can carry out to make the process of changing web hosts much smoother.

First, the role of planning can never be over stressed. Take a detailed snapshot of your existing system that depicts every html page and associated files. Make a note of which pages are static in nature and which component of your website is dynamic. Recall any script or software installations you did resulting in modifications in configuration files. It?s a wise move to learn how to recreate those changes incase troubles arise after the transfer. List down all domains, sub-domains and IP addresses your web server might be holding.