The Top Ten Web Hosts 2008

The Top Ten Web Hosts 2008

Granted, when it comes to web hosting many webmasters are extremely loyal to companies they’ve found to be reliable for them. However, the blur becomes when one considers that each webmaster is an individual and what they find to be reliable web hosting and what another webmaster finds to be reliable web hosting…well, can be two entirely different things.

If you’re new, or looking to move hosts, the key then is to find a web hosts that represents all of the qualities that you find important and then to do diligent research on a variety of different hosts by reading reviews and what others with experience have to say about this host or that host.

To save you some time, I’ve gone ahead and done just that. All of the companies listed in my list of the Top Ten Web Hosts of 2008 have all of the qualities I look for when I decide on a host but most importantly, they encompass the totality of service that a web hosting company should provide.

The Top Ten Web Hosts List then, is not necessarily a ranking in order of 1-10 but rather a listing of the ten I find to be reliable and if I were searching for a host, would be web hosts I would consider.

With all of that said, there are virtually hundreds of web hosting companies that could make this list these just happen to have a bit more research available to be found and by all means if your current host isn’t on this list, that doesn’t mean at all that they couldn’t be but this is…after all…a list of the Top Ten Web Hosts 2008…there’s only room for ten 🙂

The Top Ten Web Hosts 2008

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