About Web Hosting Backups

There?s a lot more to running a successful web business than developing website content and focusing on the core aspects of your service. However, in very rare cases does a website owner have time for these other activities: such as backups of the information on their web hosting plan.

Of these other necessary yet often neglected activities is performing full backups of your website files. This is something you should never ignore. The worst thing you want to realize in the middle of a mess is that backups are either not in place or are not working. So you have to be sure that not only backups are performed at regular intervals but trials to restore anything from the backups also work. Fortunately, most of the backing up task can be automated and many times your web hosting company will provide this for you.

Many website owners assume that backups are the sole responsibility of the web hosting company and even though the hosting firm does provide this service, your involvement is also required.

There are two ways of backing up that hosting companies rely on. Either they do a full backup every time or do a full backup initially and then only add what has changed on the server.

You should keep a very close eye on any software or script that you may have installed on your website. Any installation results in modification of configuration files that should immediately be backed up or else you?ll have to start from scratch if anything goes wrong down the lane. Same goes true for .html pages, style sheets and any of the network configuration files.

Apart from your website files that are publicly viewable, you may have customer records or products information in the form of XML files, spreadsheets, database entries etc. Do you run a newsletter? How about the information relating to subscribers? Can you imagine what is going to happen if you loose this info; sure you do not want to start from scratch.

The importance of having a proper backup solution can never be overstressed. If all what you are hosting online are a few static pages, daily backup that most hosting companies provide is fine. However, if your website mostly comprises of dynamic elements and databases, you may require an even more frequent backup solution.

Once again, the backups are only as good as they can be restored. Ask your hosting provider to test the backup system for your website and make sure that they can restore it to a backed up version. Restoring backup of database is more complicated and requires expert technicians to handle it.

Implementing a backup solution is not a daunting task. All what it requires is little bit of planning and time. Keep updating your backup strategy depending upon how your website evolves but don?t forget about it. Accidents are bound to happen, if anything goes wrong with the hardware that your site is hosted on or if a hacker attacks the web server, you know that tested backups are standing by. Spend a few hours now and break away from the chances of loosing valuable data and get your web hosting backup plan in place.

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