Understanding SQL Web Hosting

Nice little article that explains a bit about what SQL is and what the benefits are of choosing an SQL host.

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Linux vs. Windows Web Hosting

Great multi page article that goes into the differences between linux and windows web hosting and explores some of the pros and the cons of each.

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Find Your Perfect Host

Here’s a great little profiler from CNET to help you decide on the perfect web host for you.

Still trying to figure out which Web host deserves your site? To help you narrow down your prospects even further, we’ve designed this unscientific but fun interactive personality test. Read the following statements, then pick the answer that most closely corresponds with your thinking.

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Web Hosting 101

This is a great article about some of the basics a person should be looking for in so much as choosing a web host. With some great requirements the web host should have, as well as, web host tips and tricks.

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