Choosing a Web Hosting Service

As more and more people are turning to the Internet and making websites for a variety of reasons, choosing a web hosting service that is suitable to their needs is very important as there are so many web hosting companies that offer several types of web hosting services.

Usually, people will prefer a web hosting service that is given to them without any cost. This is the most popular web hosting service, the free web host. Because of its popularity a newbie in website development will have a hard time to tell how this particular free web host is different from the other. This article will show you how to choose a free web host for your own website.

There are four things to consider in comparing free web hosting services. These are the amount of space available for your website, the limits on the file size and type that are to be uploaded to your website, access to the file transfer protocol, and server reliability.

Probably the most important thing to consider when choosing a free web host is the amount of space allocated by the hosting service for your site. This is important since obviously, the more space you have for your website, the better, as you can put as much details in it as you want. Usually these free hosting services offer only 5MB of space and you have to note if this is enough for all your pictures, videos, and other thingamajigs you want to put in your website.

The second consideration to make is server reliability. People hate clicking on a link and then are taken to a page that says server error or something like it. Nowadays, access to information in the fastest time possible plays a very important role as people prefer instant access to information. By considering the reliability and speed of the server of that particular web hosting company will assure that the visitors to your site will be directed to it in the fastest time.

Another consideration to make is the limitation that the web hosting service has as regards to the types and sizes of the files that will be uploaded for your website. Free hosts usually put a limit on this since their services are shared with other people who also need free web hosting like you but there are some hosts that will give you enough freedom to create a presentable webpage so it is just a matter of research on your part to find these free web host companies.

FTP access is usually offered with the free service that web hosting providers give. This is very useful for beginners as you just choose the files as if you were just attaching them to your email and uploading it to your website. If you are just a beginner, choosing a web host with FTP access will greatly work to your advantage.

There are, of course, other considerations to make when choosing a free web host but the four considerations mentioned above will give you the most basic criteria for comparison between free web hosting services.

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