FastDomain Web Hosting $4.95

FastDomain web hosting has been in business since the year 2005 and currently provide their web hosting services to thousands of people and companies. Since they know that reliability is the one major key to Internet success, they are out to prove that that is exactly what they provide.

They’re hosting features are right up there with all the other top notch web hosting companies on the Internet.

Right off the bat, they’re average of $4.95/month hosting fee is extremely competitive with the rest of the industry and where one might expect to see service suffer as the price per month goes down, you’ll most likely not see that here with FastDomain.

In addition to great prices on hosting they have also become ICANN accredited which means that registering a domain name with them is completely safe and sound. Just another added benefit to a quality host.

To start things off here’s a quick look at the technology that runs their service:

Quad Processor Performance Servers
Customized Apache Web Server
UPS Power Back-up / Back-up Generator
24 / 7 Monitoring
Storage Backups
OC-48 Backbone Connection

You like those for machines and equipment? You should…it’s top notch!!

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Now that you know what’s running your website, take a look at what some of the features of your web hosting plan will include. Have I said anything about FastDomain being a Top Notch web host? Well, maybe I will after you check these hosting features out:

Disk Storage: 1,500 GB – Nummmy!!
Transfer: 15000GB – Wow!!
Free Domain Name – Who doesn’t like Free????
Supports International Domain Names
POP3/IMAP – 2500 each
Unlimited Forwarding Email Accounts/AutoResponders
Unlimited Add-On Domains/Parked/Sub-Domains/FTP Accounts
100 Each of MySQL or PostgreSQL Databases
CGI-BIN w/CGI Library & Server Side Includes
Frontpage 2000/2002 Extensions
Account “Control Panel”
FTP Access / Shell Access (SSH) / Anonymous FTP
Override .htaccess Support
Log Files + Site Stats
Customizable Error Pages / Web File Manager
Custom Cronjobs / Spam Assassin Protection
Fantastico Script Support

Nice huh? That’s pretty much right up there with everybody else but a much nicer price!!

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But, I bet you want to know what this web hosting company has that can take your website to the next level?

Bulletin Board (Message Forum) / Form-mail Script
PHP Nuke / Help Center / Support Ticket
Guestbook/Web Blog/Wordpress/b2evolution
Mailing Lists
Image Galleries/Coppermine
Poll and Survey Software
Moodle / Mambo and Joomla / phpForm Generator
PHP 5 / Perl 5 / Python
Ruby / Ruby on Rails v1.1
Support for Custom PHP .INI Files
Javascript / DHTML / Flash / Shockwave

Those are all nice and dandy huh? Want more??

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How about the ecommerce and multimedia features that FastDomain web hosting provides, let’s take a look at those.

e-Commerce Features
SSL Secure Server
OS Commerce Shopping Cart
Agora Shopping Cart
Free Generated Certificate
Password Protected Directories
Open PGP/GPG Encryption
Multimedia Features
Supports Streaming Video
Supports Streaming Audio
Real Audio & Video Support
Flash Support
Macromedia Shockwave
MIDI File Support
Add own MIME Types

Did I forget anything? Oh…

They also have a free website promotion package that comes with their hosting plans as well. It’s always nice to be able to get your site off the ground with some free traffic generation!!

By all accounts, you will do yourself one heckuva favor if you choose FastDomain as your web hosting provider. One thing that really attests to their reliability and strength is the fact that almost any real review you can find about them says that they are solid or that they are ‘good’, ‘great’ and ‘reliable’.

Starting @ ONLY $4.95

Visit FastDomain Today!!

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