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BlueHost has aimed their web hosting at both the beginning web host user to the experienced. They offer extremely competitive hosting plans with features that rival their competitors in this very tough market. At the time of this writing they are currently hosting over 440,000 Domain Names and that is absolutely staggering as far as web hosting goes.

That number alone says something about this web host, it’s integrity and dedication to the customer.

Taking a quick look at their awards page you can quickly see, by 17 awards listed there, that they are extremely customer oriented and have won a number of awards to attest to that. These awards are some of the top awards given.
But, that’s neither here or there. Heres a quick overview of their features:

First of all you’ll find that their beginning fee is just $6.95 for web hosting and that $6.95 gets you a whopper of options.

Their machines, this web host is clearly dedicated to keeping your server online…they us a DIESEL GENERATOR BACKUP POWER SUPPLY!! An asteroid could hit the planet and your sites will still be up and running!!:

Quad Processor Performance Servers w/UPS Power Backup
Diesel Generator Backup Power
Customized Apache Web Server
24/7 Network Monitoring
Storage Backups Options
OC-48 Backbone Connection

Alright, how bout that??

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Well, here’s some of their actual hosting features:

FREE DOMAIN NAME .. ‘Who doesn’t like free?’
Linux/Unix Web Host
600GB of storage hosted across UNLIMITED Domain Names
6000GB of Bandwidth (data transfer)
Easy Site Builder
You can host International domains
2500 POP3 Email Accounts
2500 Secure IMAP Accounts
Web Based Email Features
UNLIMITED Email Forwarding Features & Auto Responder
UNLIMITED Add-on domains, sub-domains & parked domains
50 each of MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases
1000 FTP Accounts .. ‘Nice’
CGI-BIN, CGI Library & Server Side Includes
Frontpage 2000/2002 Extensions
Account “Control Panel” including a Web File Manager
FTP Access & Shell Access (SSH)
Override .htaccess Support
Anonymous FTP
Webmail (Browser Based Email)
Log Files + Site Stats
Customizable Error Pages
Custom Cronjobs & Hotlink Protection
Spam Assassin Protection
Fantastico Script Support

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Here’s some fun stuff, take your site to the dynamic level with the web hosting features:

PHP 5, Perl 5, Python
Ruby / Ruby On Rails (NEW!!)
Support For Custom PHP.INI Files
MySQL 5 Database Server & PostgreSQL Database Server
Javascript/ DHTML & Flash / Shockwave
Message Forum (PHPBB and More)
Form-mail Scripts & Guestbook (Multiple Options)
PHP Nuke / Post Nuke
Web Blogs / WordPress / b2evolution
Mailing Lists & phpForm Generator
Image Galleries / Coppermine (More!)
Poll and Survey Software
Web Auction Software
Moodle & Tikiwiki, Mambo and Joomla
Help Center/Support Ticket
Many, Many Others…

Oh? You want more from your web host? How about this then?

E-Commerce Features
SSL Secure Server
OS Commerce Shopping Cart
Agora Shopping Cart
Cube Cart Shopping Cart
Zen Cart Shopping Cart
Free Generated Certificate
Password Protected Directories
OpenPGP / GPG Encryption
Multimedia Features
Streaming Video & Audio
Real Audio & Video Support & Flash Support
Macromedia Shockwave & MIDI File Support
Add Your Own MIME Types

So, you can clearly see by this massive listing of features that they are not lacking in the technology department for websites huh? And, you can have all that for just $6.95…that’s nuts.

But, lets take a look at the most important part of choosing a web host (outside of having actual servers that work)…CUSTOMER SERVICE.

After reading reviews on other popular web hosting review sites and forums it is clear that BlueHost takes their web hosting customers extremely seriously and their support is proof of that. They have an online support help desk system that is top notch and answered 24 hours/day. They also have a toll free number you can call 24 hours/day when you absolutely need help.

Overall, their average customer support rating across the board is an overwhelming 9.5 out of 10. That, my friends, is amazing!!

ONLY $6.95

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