iXWebhosting Offers both Windows and Linux hosting plans at extremely affordable rates. They’ve been in the web hosting business since 1999. That’s almost ten years and if you know anything about the fickle nature of what it takes to run a web hosting company, you’ll definitely appreciate this fact. You don’t stay in this business this long if you aren’t one of the TOP Web Hosts.

They’re customer support is top notch, award winning and completely dedicated to you. In fact, they have so many awards it would take up this entire post just to start listing them.

Here’s a quick glance at their technology:

* Privately Owned State-of-the-Art Data Center
* Connectivity Through Multiple Tier-1 Backbone Providers
* Redundant Power Through Diesel Generators
* Multi-Layer Security Infrastructure (Hacker-Safe certified)
* Skilled In-House Customer Support, Available 24/7
* Advanced Data Center Security Protocols

Impressive right? Yes it is and it’s one of the reasons they keep winning awards hand over fist!!

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How about the main features of their web hosting plans..

Host Multiple Domains – NEW! Unlimited
Web Space – NEW! Unlimited
Free Domain Regs – Free For Life!* 1-3 depending on plan
Dedicated IP Addresses 1-16 depending on plan
Data Transfer – NEW! Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited
Free Site Builder
Free 24/7 Support
Database Support
Ecommerce Ready

There’s so much UNLIMITED and FREE stuff there, it’s easy to see why they are one of the best web hosting companies out there. But, there’s more to their hosting than just that.

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Email Features:
Email Resources (Accounts) 2500 – UNLIMITED depends on plan
Catch-All Email Addresses
Email Forwards/Mailbox Aliases
Email Auto-Responders/Mailing Lists
Total Mailbox Quota 2-10GB depending on plan

PHP v5 – NEW
Perl/CGI / FastCGI
ASP / ASP.NET v2.0 (only with Windows plans) – NEW
Cold Fusion v7 MX (only with Windows plans) – NEW
Javascript/DHTML/Server Side Includes (SSI)
Override .htaccess Support (only with Linux plans)

MYSQL 0 – Unlimited depending on plan
PostgreSQL 0 – Unlimited depending on plan
Microsoft SQL 2005 (only with Windows plans) 0 – Unlimited depending on plan
ODBC/DSN (only with Windows plans)
Total SQL Databases Quota 0-10GB depends on plan

Free Scripts – Plan Dependent
Message Forum / Blogs (Online Diaries)
Photo Galleries / Online Shops
LiveChat System / eb Portals and CMS
Miscellaneous Scripts

That’s a pile of stuff huh? You bet it is.

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E-Commerce Features – Plan Dependent
Free Shared SSL Certificate
Free Shared SSL
Online Shop Ready
Multimedia Features
Flash & Shockwave Support
MIDI File Support
Streaming Audio Support (via http://)
Streaming Video Support (via http://)
Real Audio & Video Support
Domain Management
Domain Access with or without ?www?
Domain Contact Management
External Domains
Parked Domains
URL Masking (only with Linux plans)
Add-on Domains
Web Site Admin
FREE Professional Website Templates
Create and Change Designs at Any Time
Log Files + Site Stats
Web File Manager
Publishing Program
Password Protected Directories (only with Linux plans)
Online Web Editor
Custom MIME Types
Custom CRON Jobs (only with Linux plans)
Custom Error Pages
Custom Throttle Policy – NEW (only with Linux plans)
Custom Server Aliases – NEW

Wow, but that’s not all. There are tons of features that just don’t fit on this page. iXWebHosting goes above most other hosts when it comes to giving their customers the tools and support they need to succeed!!

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PowWeb Hosting - *On Sale * $5.77/month!

PowWeb has been a top web hosting company since 1999. If you’ve been reading about web hosting companies you know by now that the good ones stick around. They do this with Award Winning customer service, top of the line technology and dedication to the services they provide.

That’s PowWeb and that can be proven by the fact that they host OVER 100,000 web sites and offer some of the best plans at the best prices on the Internet.

Disk Space (Raid Storage) 1,500 GB
Data Transfer / Bandwidth 15,000 Gigs/Month
(500+ Gigs/Day!)
Load Balanced TechnologyTM

That’s just to get things started, their machines, space provided and bandwidth is amazing at this price.

Starting @ ONLY $5.77
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Wanna know about your Web Site Administration and features:

Web Site Access / Control All Included!
Member Operations Control Panel
DNS Management (A records, Cnames, MX records)
Sub-Domains (something.yourdomain.com)
24×7 FTP Access, Unlimited FTP Users (separate directories)
Web-Based File Manager
Password Protect Directories
Custom Error Pages (403,404, and 500)
SnapShot Instant Click and Restore Daily Backups
Rock Solid Unix Platform

Yep, even more good stuff huh? You can pretty much take care of everything with your website just from the control panel features offered by PowWeb.

Starting @ ONLY $5.77
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Script Instant Installer – Better Than Fantastico! All Included!
Gallery & Gallery 2
Supported Software All Included!
FrontPage 98/2000/2002 Extensions
PHP4 & PHP5 w/Zend Optimizer, Perl5, Sendmail
CGI-BIN, SSI, .htaccess, Cronjobs
Flash, Shockwave, Midi, Multimedia Support
$30 Google AdWords Credit
$50 Yahoo! Sponsored Search Credits

Yep, just like any good web hosting company PowWeb shows their stuff with easy to install scripts, software and features to help you more efficiently manage and build your site into the power house web site you’re striving for it to be.

Starting @ ONLY $5.77
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Database All Included!
MySQL Databases 75
Daily Database Backups
Web Statistics & Logs All Included!
Webalizer & AwStats Web Statistics
Bandwidth Report
Access, Error and Referral Logs; Raw Log Files
Real-Time Logging
E-mail Service All Included!
Mailboxes (POP3/IMAP & SMTP) Unlimited
WebMail Access (secure login)
E-mail Forwarding/E-mail Aliases Unlimited
Spam Filters (allow/block & Greylisting features)
DNS Text Record/SMTP+SPF

Yep, you get all of that too with your web hosting account at PowWeb!

Starting @ ONLY $5.77
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Customer Service All Included!
Toll-Free Technical Support (1-877-4-POWWEB)
24×7 Friendly E-mail Technical Support
Active Community Forum (20,000+ members!)
24×7 Live Chat Help
Live Servers/System Announcements
Tutorials and Support Documentations
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
E-commerce Ready All Included!
ShopSite Starter Shopping Cart
Built-in OsCommerce Shopping Cart
SSL – Shared Secure Certificate
Accept Paypal Payments
Bonus Offer All Included!
Web Address (YourName.com)* FREE
* One Year Free if you sign up for one year of hosting
* Two Years free if you sign up for two years of hosting
Easy To Use Web Site Builder

And that’s PowWeb and the majority of the features that help them to be one of the Top 10 Web Hosts on the Internet.

Starting @ ONLY $5.77
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According to recent statistics, iPowerWeb web hosting is one of the top 5 in terms of size. They’re so large they employ over 250 employees to take care of the web hosting company. That is simply amazing!! And, it also shows why they continually win prizes for being one of the best web hosting companies when it comes to customer service.

IPOWER Ranked No. 121 on the 2006 Inc. 500 – Inc. Magazine

They offer solutions for every level of web site from the beginner to the person looking for a dedicated hosting company and Linux and Windows Web Hosting. They don’t hold back and they give their customers what their customers desire: great machines, great service and great customer service.

Here’s a look at the features for their $7.95/mth plan

Storage Space 1500 GB
International Domain Names
Transfer 15000 GB
Number of Domains You Can Host = 25

Now, that’s not bad at all. Massive bandwidth and massive storage space, you could host the moon here!!

Starting @ ONLY $7.95

Visit iPowerWeb Today

Free Domain Name 1
Free Sub Domains 100
Email Features
POP3 E-mail Accounts / Web-Based 2,500
Forwarding Accounts Unlimited
Autoresponders 2,500
E-mail Filtering
Browser Based E-mail (WebMail)
Software and Scripts
CGI-BIN / Perl Support
MySQL / PHP 4 & 5 Support
Server Sides Includes
Frontpage 2000/2002 Extension
Web Site Statistics
Web Site Backup Software
Web Hosting Control Panel (vDeck)
Commerce Related Features
ShopSite Shopping Cart
Agora Shopping Cart
Pay Pal Shopping Cart

Yeah, it just keeps getting better and better and better and better doesn’t it?

Starting @ ONLY $7.95

Visit iPowerWeb Today

Hosting Utilities
File Manager
FTP Manager
Anonymous FTP Support
Power Plugins

Form Processing: Formail Script
Guestbook: GBook
Bulletin Board: phpBB
Chat: X7 Chat
Blog: WordPress
Marketing and Promotion
$50 Advertising Credit at Yahoo! Search Marketing
$30 Google AdWords? Credit
Web Statistics
Graphical Web Statistic Program
Access Logs
Error Logs
Bandwidth Usage
Advance Setting
FrontPage Extensions
Error Pages
URL Redirect Service
Mime Types
Ban IP Addresses
Cron Jobs
Hot Links
World Class Technology
High Performance HP Servers
Multiple Gigabit & Fiberoptic Connections on Divers Backbones
NetApp Snapshot Data Backups
2 Data Center Locations
Cisco Routers Using BGP4 Protocol
24/7 Network Monitoring

It doesn’t take long to see why iPowerWeb is a Top Ten Web Host and why so many people around the world agree and host their web sites with this powerful web hosting company.

Starting @ ONLY $7.95

Visit iPowerWeb Today


100% Green Energy Web Hosting from HostPapa.com

HostPapa is one of the newer web hosting companies in my top ten web hosts list. They made because as they’ve gotten started out they have taken an extremely positive and strong approach to customer service and their dedication to running their service on green energy.

Their motto is ‘Let Papa take care of you’ and their already racking up one heckuva a testimonials page.

They offer one simple web hosting plan and it’s a power house.

High Performance Servers Got it!
Triple-Redundant Firewall Got it!
24/7 Network Monitoring & Proactive Support Got it!
Multi-homed OC48 and Gigabit fiber connections Got it!
UPS Power Backup Got it!
Streaming Media Got It!

Telephone Support Got it!
E-mail Support Got it!
Live Chat Support Got it!
KnowledgeBase Got it!
Video Tutorials Got it!

There’s a lot there already that should be getting you excited about this up and coming web hosting company.

Starting @ ONLY $5.95
HostPapa Green Energy Web Hosting

The Plan at a Glance
Domain Name 1 FREE for life
Disk Space 1500000 MB (1500 GB)
Monthly Bandwidth 15000 GB
Add-on Domains UNLIMITED
Setup Fees FREE ($29.95 value)
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
cPanel Got it!
100% Green Energy Web Hosting Got it!
Yahoo Search Marketing $50 FREE
MSN AdCenter $50 FREE
Promo People Products $50 FREE

That’s great!! Green energy, free marketing coupons worth $150 dollars, a 30 day money back guarantee and Green Energy Web Hosting!!

Starting @ ONLY $5.95
HostPapa Green Energy Web Hosting

Multiple Domains UNLIMITED
Parked Domains UNLIMITED
International Domains Got it!
Domain Forwarding Got it!
Sub-Domain Names Got it!
Full DNS Management Got it!
A-Records Got it!
Free Registrar Transfers Got it!
Email Accounts UNLIMITED
POP3 Webmail Got it!
Email Forwarding Accounts UNLIMITED
Email Autoresponder Got it!
SMTP Got it!
Virus Scanning Got it!
Spam Filtering Got it!
MX Records Got it!

HostPapa is clearly starting to show you why they mean what they say about taking care of you!!

Starting @ ONLY $5.95
HostPapa Green Energy Web Hosting

MySQL 5.0 Databases 100
phpMyAdmin Got it!
PHP 5.0 Support Got it!
Fantastico (40+ Scripts) Got it!
Perl (CGI-Bin & Library) Got it!
Server Side Includes Got it!
FrontPage Extensions Got it!
Custom Cron Jobs Got it!
Custom Error Pages Got it!
SSL Encryption Capable Got it!
Password-Protected Directories Got it!
.htaccess support Got it!
Supports Flash Got it!
Supports Shockwave Got it!
MIDI File Support Got it!
Supports Streaming Video Got it!
Supports Streaming Audio Got it!
Real Audio & Video Support Got it!
SSL Secure Server (on request) Got it!
Dedicated IP Address (additional charge) Got it!
Paypal Merchant compatible Got it!
OS Commerce Got it!
ZenCart Shopping Cart Got it!
CubeCart Shopping Cart Got it!
Web Statistics Got it!
Analog Got it!
Webalizer Got it!
Account Statistics Got it!
File Manager Got it!
Domain Manager Got it!
Graphical Web Stats Got it!
Access Log Files Got it!
Multiple FTP Accounts 10
24/7 FTP Access Got it!

A simple WOW will suffice just fine!! HostPapa offers you the web hosting features of all the top web hosting companies but their doing it all on Green Energy. So, if you’re environmentally inclined and are looking for a Top Ten Web Host…Check Out HostPapa Today!!

Starting @ ONLY $5.95
HostPapa Green Energy Web Hosting