What is Reliable Web Hosting

You see it being advertised by almost every company that offers the service, they all say that they offer reliable web hosting. But what, really, is reliable web hosting? Do all of these hosts actually provide that type of service, or is it a lot of just smoke?

Well, the sad fact is that a lot of it is just smoke. Especially when you?re talking about the very low end budget plans that cost a mere buck or two a month and promise the stars, and the moon. However, if you?re talking about a top web host with their basic plans starting in the six or seven dollar range that promise a certain this and a certain that, then it?s not smoke. It?s the actual reality.

Most of the reliable web hosting companies on the Internet will have a clean professional web site that tells you exactly what you?re going to get if you choose them and they don?t promise you things like unlimited bandwidth (which in itself is most often not completely true). It?s usually pretty easy to tell the difference between an amateur web host and one that knows their stuff simply by going through their site.

The next thing to take into consideration is whether or not they over sell. Remember, most web hosting plans unless they are dedicated plans are pretty shared web hosting plans. Because of this, each server will have a number of accounts set up on it. Typically, this is just fine and very good business on the part of the web hosting company.

Where it becomes a problem is when they over sell this space and bandwidth, when they cram their machines to the bursting point. When a hosting company does this your site?s stability will not be reliable or secure for that matter. You?ll have intermittent down times, errors on your pages and a myriad of other issues to contend with. If you?re looking for reliable web hosting, try to avoid companies that over sell their services.

Finally, the biggest thing that makes a web host reliable or not, is their customer service. Look for a company that has a myriad of ways to contact them, such as email, support tickets, phone banks and forums. It?s also important to verify that they actually respond to these as well. Some will put the information on their web site but it takes days to hear back, avoid hosts that do not reply to any support questions within twenty four hours.

Hopefully these quick hit tips will help you on your way to getting your site set up on a reliable web hosting plan with a reliable web hosting provider.

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